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Why Is Grass Fed Protein Better?

Savvy, health-conscious consumers know that all protein bars are not equal, but many are unaware that all proteins that go into food bars are also not the same.  If you are unfamiliar with the world of nutritionally superior grass-fed products, which we use in our Grass-fed Protein Bars, read on....

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Benefits of Almond Butter in Protein Bars

Almond butter When you begin reviewing all of your options for protein bars, you will be surprised to find just how many ingredient combinations are available. Some of the most popular options revolve around chocolate or peanut butter, but there are other options to consider as well. For example, many...

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Living Gluten Free: Benefits for Life

Living Gluten Free: Benefits for Life Gluten Free Over the past couple of years, a unique interest has grown in gluten-free foods. Some of the interest has been brought about by the discovery of celiac disease, a disease caused from the effects of gluten in the body. However, others have...

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Why go Vegan?

Our diet is a huge part of our lifestyle. It is what sustains us and keeps us healthy. However, there are things about our diet that are actually pretty harmful. For this reason, many people have changed their diets pretty drastically to help remain healthy and protect the environment at...

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Healthy Eating is Easier Than You Think

There is an overwhelming amount of information about healthy eating and dieting. Books, websites, television, and magazines all have their say. It's no surprise many people are confused about how to develop and maintain healthy eating habits. However, making positive changes towards a healthy diet is easier than it seems....

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