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There is an overwhelming amount of information about healthy eating and dieting. Books, websites, television, and magazines all have their say. It's no surprise many people are confused about how to develop and maintain healthy eating habits. However, making positive changes towards a healthy diet is easier than it seems. There are a few simple rules to live by when it comes to healthy eating.

Less Ingredients/Natural Ingredients

Highly processed foods are loaded with preservatives, excess sugar and sodium, and even chemicals that simply don’t belong in human bodies. It cannot be overstated that reading labels and choosing foods without a long list of confusing ingredients is important. This is a simple, yet huge part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. When selecting packaged foods, read labels to ensure you recognize the ingredients as natural and minimally refined. This goes for all foods that are not in their raw state.

Whole Foods

One way of ensuring you consume the healthiest ingredients is to include whole foods as a major part of your diet. Eat and cook with fresh or flash-frozen vegetables and fruits. Instead of packaged oatmeal, cook your own and add simple ingredients such as honey and raw fruits. Steer clear of processed meats and those injected with solutions. Eat plain yogurt with added fruit.

Eat When You’re Hungry, Not Starving

We all need to eat to live. When you sit down for a meal, consider your level of hunger. Are you hungry or are you bored, emotional, or even just thirsty? If you are hungry, eat something. Don’t wait until you’re ravenous. Waiting too long to eat has several negative effects on your body, not the least of which is altering your good judgement. When you can’t wait another minute to eat something, you may reach for unhealthy choices, and you may overeat. Instead, be mindful of your hunger. If you are in between meals, snack thoughtfully and healthfully. This will keep you on a good path of a healthy diet.

Eating healthy is simpler and more easily attainable than many people realize. To begin, know what you are eating. Choose foods wisely by looking for natural ingredients. Eat foods that are in or close to their natural state. And believe that it really is as simple as eating the right foods in the right amounts when you’re hungry.