Holy Yum

WOW! These bars are amazing! I am so glad my friend discovered them and shared them with me! I can not get enough of them! They hold me over throughout the morning but don't feel like a rock in my stomach like I get with most bars I have tried. Gives me great energy and taste amazing!

Fantastic Morning Bar

I love this bar for the morning before a run, lifting or even just a regular day. There is enough protein to hold you over but not too much sugar. The taste is almost refreshing and the consistency is perfect. Nailed it with this bar Fitrition! Thank you!

Great Energy Bar to start your day!

Great energy bar to eat to start your day! I have never liked cinnamon until I tried this bar!

Great pre workout bar!

Perfect size and great taste, love the energy boost is gives me when I have no time for breakfast.

Great tasting bar

Best tasting bar in my opinion from these guys. It's like a healthy dessert.

Amazing Bar

This is the most filling bar I've ever had, it is great tasting and has the perfect ingredients for a post workout bar!