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Three Reasons To Add Egg White Protein To Your Diet

Protein is an essential element to the diet. We all know that. Equally important is the quality of the protein we consume. You can go to your local fast food joint and pick up a burger. That burger will provide protein, but also a heavy dose of saturated fat. Whole eggs provide protein, but also a lot of cholesterol. Consuming egg white protein is a great way to give your body the protein it needs without the unhealthy extras like fat, cholesterol, and other additives! Need more reasons to add egg white protein to your diet? Read on!

Egg whites are low in calories. One large egg white contains only around 17 calories, compared to around 80 in a whole egg. The Egg McMuffin, a fast food fave, has 300 calories. The egg white version has only 250.

Egg white protein is a complete protein. A complete protein is one that is an adequate source of all 9 amino acids. This important because our body cannot produce these amino acids on its own, and needs to acquire it in the diet. For the few calories contained in an egg white, it is very nutrient dense.

Egg white protein is fat-free. Fat is an essential element to the diet, but too much, and the wrong kind can cause heart disease and other ailments. Many foods high in protein, like whole eggs are also high in saturated fats.

Egg white protein is truly a super food that provides the body with high quality nutrients without all the stuff we don't want! Try scrambling egg whites or making an egg white omelet for breakfast, or subbing egg whites for whole eggs in baking. You can also try our Breakfast Energy Bar for a delicious dose of egg white protein on the go. There are so many ways to add this valuable food source to your diet. Contact us to learn more!