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Almond butter

When you begin reviewing all of your options for protein bars, you will be surprised to find just how many ingredient combinations are available. Some of the most popular options revolve around chocolate or peanut butter, but there are other options to consider as well.

For example, many people have chosen to focus on protein bars that contain almond butter. Not only do these bars taste fantastic, but there are some pretty significant benefits to this type of ingredient as well.

Source of Vitamin E

One of the best things about almond butter, is that it has a great amount of vitamin E in it. This nutrient is great for our skin and will help make your skin look fantastic. It is also an anti-oxidant, which means it will help remove toxins from your body.


Another benefit of almond butter is that it is actually a lot safer than peanut butter. When peanuts are being grown, they are typically covered in different types of pesticides to protect them from animals. Because of the differences in the way they are grown, these same pesticides don’t make their way onto almonds.


Finally, almond butter is a great source of protein. By adding it to a protein bar, you will be able to enjoy more protein than with other types of bars. In addition to this, you will get more fiber from almond butter, which can help with your digestive system.

Almond butter is a great addition to the protein bar. Not only does it taste great, but it helps keep you healthier and gives you more value than other options. It is definitely something to consider when you are looking for your next supply of protein bars.