VEGAN Protein Bar


  • VEGAN Protein Bar
  • VEGAN Protein Bar
  • VEGAN Protein Bar
  • VEGAN Protein Bar

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12 Bars Per Box


Regardless if you’re a Vegan or not you won’t want to miss out on this amazing and great tasting bar. The well balanced Vegan bar packs in 9grams of PEA PROTEIN and 8 grams of Chicory Root Fiber all wrapped around a Cashew Butter Base, to make for a terrific all around bar. 

Chicory Root Fiber: A 2011 study discovered that oligofructose, a carbohydrate-based dietary fiber extracted from the chicory root plant, reduced the energy intake of healthy volunteers by 10% while maintaining normal levels of satiety and hunger likely due to elevated levels of the satiety hormones PYY an GLP in the blood, a desirable quality for anyone looking for an energy-sustaining snack.

Pea Protein: Derived from yellow or split peas, pea protein offers a complete cocktail of essential amino acids and is particularly rich in the amino acid leucine which plays a significant role in the maintenance and repair of muscles by stimulating muscle protein synthesis. Recent research has found supplementation with 25 grams pea protein 2x a day over a 12-week weight training program to promote a significantly greater increase in muscle growth as compared to a placebo as well as elicit similar gains in overall strength compared to the popular whey protein, making it a particularly great option for vegan athletes

Vegetable Glycerin: Produced from plant oils such as soy, palm or coconut oil, vegetable glycerin is a carbohydrate compound that offers strong humectant properties, meaning it is able to retain water/moisture, and offers a sweet taste making it a popular additive in wide range of food products.

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